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In their own words...

“You gave me something I can look forward to about my domestic violence situation…how I can leave it behind me, learn from it, and be able to make a difference in someone else’s life…just like you did for me!” – Melissa A.

“Thank you…your foundation has spiritually changed my life.” – Clarissa P.

“A truly compassionate and caring foundation that takes every woman’s need at heart.  Thank you for helping me secure a job and get out of the shelter.” – Cynthia B.

“Never would I have dreamed in my forty-seven years of becoming a true DIVA for a day!  Dinner for Divas made me feel like royalty coming down the red carpet.” – Joan A.

“The Alma G. Davis Foundation has made a huge impact upon my life through the Dinner for Divas event.  I have learned to love myself again, from the inside out.” – Stephanie D.

“Every last lady looked as I did…fabulously DIVAFIED!” – Melinda B.

“To everyone that was involved in making Dinner for Divas possible, I thank you.  It was life changing.  Ms. Alma, if you ever need me I am here.  I am A DIVA!!!”- Hilda R.