Dinner for Divas
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Honoring the Survivors

The Alma G. Davis Foundation hosts the annual "Dinner For Divas", a signature fundraising gala honoring and celebrating over 150 survivors of domestic violence.

The gala brings together corporations, national leaders, celebrities and individuals to empower domestic violence survivors and honors 150 brave women and girls (aged 13+) who have survived the brutality of domestic abuse and currently reside in shelters. The honorees receive complimentary makeovers, including formal attire that they will wear to the red-carpet event and take home with them. In addition, each survivor will participate in free self-defense classes before the gala and sit down to an “A-style” dinner with celebrity guests and corporate friends at the event. As young as 13 years old, the survivors receive glamorous personal makeovers, sophisticated pampering, free self-defense classes and an “A-style” dinner with our celebrity guests and corporate friends. Our honorees (or “Divas” as we call them) are celebrated for persevering through their domestic abuse and are treated to a time of their lives!

The 11th Annual "Dinner for Divas" - 2020 TBD

Highlights from 2017 Dinner For Divas Gala

We need volunteers!

There are several volunteer opportunities related to the Dinner for Divas Gala. We need volunteers for receiving guests, space set up, runners, registering guests, moving items, maintaining and updating guest sign-in and database, serving water and snacks, hanging signs, assisting guests with selections and check-in and checkout of selections and maintaining order and organization.

We specifically need General Volunteers, Social Media, Seamstress, Nail Technicians, Stylists: Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe